As a Beardsman, you take pride in the magnificent man mane you have been blessed with, but hey, you know that any tips you can obtain to improve the health and might of your Beard will only do yourself good and make your partner even more appreciative of how well kept your beard is.

Here are some tips from start to finish on how you should take care of your Beard to ensure its always at its prime:

Tip one: Applying BEARD Oil

When it come to BEARD Du Sud Beard Oil your are equipped with a fast dropper insert to allow you to either drip oil into your palm at a steady pace for precise measurements or you can use this handy dropper to your advantage and just splash a generous amount of Beard Oil into the palm of your hand, depending on the length and thickness of the beard, 3 drops to 3 splashes will do just fine.

You want to rub the oil between the palms until distributed over the palms and between the fingers and then from the bottom of your beard, neck-to-chin, chin-to-cheek work your fingers through your beard focusing on working the oils into your skin and over the beard hairs. After a few strokes, work from cheeks down to the point of your beard.

Remember that your Beard hair and skin can only absorb a specific amount of oils, if your beard stays oily and far too shinny for too long then you have exceeded your required amount. Different environments will play a major role in how much is required additionally to length.

Tip two: Applying BEARD Balm

When you need that extra moisturising and all day care for your beard, turn to the Balm Pomade. Take a small amount of balm, size of a walnut into the palm of your hands and rub together until well warmed up and dissolved. Give one stroke up with your fingers through the beard neck-to-chin, chin-to-cheek and then apply the rest stroking your beard down from the cheeks to the beard point, shaping your beard as desired. A balm is beast applied at the start of your day. You can use it together after applying a Beard Oil or on its own, this will depend on your climate and environment. A balm application sorts my beard for a full day in the North West blistering sun.

Tip three: Combing or brushing

It is highly advised to chuck that nasty black plastic comb as far away into the darkness as possibly. Why? Because I said so. No need to speak of the horrific torture your beard will endure should you continue to use it.

Get yourself a Boar Hair brush. Believe me, you, your beard and your skin will be thankful for this. These boar hairs are great for spreading Beard Oils and Balms through the beard and are gentle to the coarser beard hairs. Additionally the BEARD Du Sud Boar Hair brush is reinforced with synthetic bristles to assist the boar hairs to reach into a thick beard and get down to the skin and provide you with a good exfoliation.

Top tip: Brush your beard with the brush at least once every second week in the shower when giving it a good nourishing clean with some Nourishing Soap. Not only will this exfoliate the skin but the brush will get a good clean too. The brush is coated to prevent mass water absorption but care is to be taken if you want the brush to last so don’t soak it in water and ensure it dries steadily and don’t place it in direct sun to dry as the wood will be damaged.

Checkout the nifty Wallet comb crafted out of rare woods. Its perfect for the Beardsman on the move and ensures your beard can be combed and kept looking great throughout the day.

Tip four: Cleansing the BEARD

A clean beard is a healthy beard. The Nourishing soap is leading when it comes to excellent beard soap. Check this out if you want to know why Real BEARD Soap . Your beard needs to be cleaned regularly, at least twice a week but with this nourishing soap you can give it a wash every second day if you wish. Just rub the bar accros the beard until the desired lather has built up and start to work the fingers down, massaging the skin and cleaning any excessive build up of dirt, rinse off and feel the goodness of a healthy well cleansed beard.