What is beard oil?

Beard oil is a specially crafted combination of carrier oils to specifically care for the facial skin and beard hair. Some beard oils have essential oils added to introduce pleasant scents which leave the beard smelling great. BEARD Du Sud carries two scented blends, The Gentleman and The Explorer and then an unscented blend, The Huntsman.


What does beard oil do?

Beard oil is hydrating to the skin and moisturizing to the beard hair which helps soften and tame the beard and ensure healthy hair growth. Thanks to moisturizing oils, a little beard oil is just enough to tame those flyaway hairs, eliminate flakes (also known as beard-druff) and that initial itch which occurs when in the early stages of growth.


Why use beard oil?

Day in and day out we work hard and we play hard. All of this exposes us to harsh environments which dry out our skin and beard hair leaving it coarse and brittle. Applying beard oil is the masculine way to ensure your beard looks and feels its best, not to mention how healthy the beard and skin will be. Additionally as a bonus the smell of your beard will remain fresh and pleasant to yourself and your partner.


Why BEARD Du Sud beard oil?

BEARD du Sud has created the perfect blend of natural oils for the harsh African environment. Face it; Africa is tough, tough on the beard and tough on the skin. This is why all products have been made with the harsh climate in mind to ensure that you’re protected all the way.


Can beard oil make my beard grow?

Simply put, NO. Depending on your genes, you will either be blessed with a full beard or not. I say pride what you’ve got!!! If its a “Goatee” then grow it out to something to be reckoned with. If its a moustache, grow it nice a long and curl that beaut with moustache wax so that everyone will envy its magnificence. BEARD Du Sud beard oil will however ensure that whatever facial hair you are growing, is kept nourished and moisturised for healthy hair growth.


How often can I apply beard oil or beard balm?

For beard oil, daily, preferably in the morning and evening after a shower once patted dry with a towel. Beard balm is best applied in the morning after a shower once patted dry with a towel to ensure moisture is locked in for the day ahead.


How much beard oil can I apply?

As much as you prefer however the skin and beard hairs can only absorb a certain amount. Each mans beard and skin is different and thus absorbs different amounts. Your environment plays a big role in how long the beard will stay moisturized by the oils and how soon they will dry up. Keep in mind that a quality beard oil such as BEARD Du Sud’s beard oil collection, does absorb fast into the skin due to its high quality and perfect combination. Apply small amounts to start and know that the goodness has been absorbed and tucked away in the beard.

Start off by 3-5 drops for a 3 month long beard and increase as the beard grows longer or as much as you feel comfortable with. Remember, a little oil goes a long way, take your time to massage it into the skin and work it through the beard.


What is beard balm?

A fragrant cream like substance used to moisturize and shape the beard and keep stray hairs at bay.


What does beard balm do?

BEARD Du Sud beard balm has been carefully crafted to lock in moisture and to nourish the beard hair, leaving it softer and healthy with a pleasant scent. Your beard will look and feel thicker and much denser. The balm pomade has been made thick enough to provide a good hold onto the beard for shaping, but light enough to be used as pomade to style head hair.


What is pomade?

A waxy substance that is used to style hair.


What is BEARD Du Sud beard products made of?

Made from the finest natural ingredients known to man. Each product has its ingredients listed beside it so that you know exactly what you are applying to that magnificent man mane.


Where can I get BEARD Du Sud products?

Right here online or at selected stockists nationwide.